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The vision behind this anti bullying show is for the kids to not just learn about it, but to empower them to teach others and have a positive influence on those around them. With them creating the scripts, it not only gave them a sense of ownership, but something to be proud of.

When the idea of getting our kids involved in an anti-bullying play we never envisaged anything like this. The kids have truly been an inspiration, rising beyond all our expectations. Not only have we seen their growth and what they’ve learnt, they’ve been teaching us adults never to underestimate their abilities and ideas! Their commitment to this project shows their dedication and drive to make a difference to everyone around them. Regardless of how their performance goes, to us, they’ve already shown the best! We’re so happy that, as a club, we are able to provide them with the platform for them to express themselves.

We sincerely thank the cast, parents and club members behind the scenes whose dedication and hard work have made this small idea into a monumental moment for the kids.

The Scenes


Physical Bullying

Once upon a time, there was a magical land. A Candy Land! This Candy Land, as you may have guessed, was made out of Candy! The trees were chocolate, the leaves cotton candy, and the rivers Maple Syrup! Everything in Candy Land was sweet, but the people? Well, the people were the sweetest of all! That is, until there was trouble in paradise... Join Gumdrop, Honey, Splenda, Stevia & the Lollypop Lady in this sweet tale about physical bullying and how to respond - will Gumdrop remember the 3-Step-Telling Rule? Will Honey be an Upstander instead of a Bystander? Will Splenda and Stevia learn the secret to sweetness?

Frogs & Crickets

Verbal & Social Bullying

Bullying continues to plague Australian schoolyards daily and has now become a social issue facing 1 in 5 school children. Verbal bullying is the use of words to taunt, threaten, insult, yell, embarrass, put down, swear, mock, threaten or intimidate the victim alone or in front of others. Verbal bullying is the most common form of bullying in Australia. Social bullying is common amongst peer relationships in which a student, partner, colleague or associate may make statements or commit actions that distresses another individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Come check out how David, Helen, Ben, Nick & Gus respond in this schoolyard tale of verbal & social bullying - will David be able to stand up to his bullies? Will Helen and Gus be Upstanders instead of Bystanders? Will Ben & Nick learn the error of their ways? What do frogs and crickets really talk about?


Cyber Bullying

Social media has enhanced our ability to be connected and engaged, the technology sector is now the largest in the world. Australia is one of the most connected and engaged in the world and on average we own at least 3 devices. While social media has fantastic benefits, it has come at a devastating cost, with families, friends and most importantly victims who feel there is nowhere to turn to. Words do hurt, and we’re reminded of the consequences of cyber bullying almost on a daily basis with reports that 1 in 8 Australians experience cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying Is A Crime. Let’s find out what happens between our 2 RobloCraft Fighters in our next tale – will Jamie know what to do when confronted by a cyber bully? Will Perry be able to take responsibility for his actions? Will Ming & Johnny be Upstanders instead of Bystanders? Will Julie learn something too?

Useful Info about Bullying

Types of Bullying

How to stop a bully

Are your words doing damage?

If you ever need help!

13 11 14 Lifeline

1300 224 636 Beyond Blue

1800 551 800 Kids Help Line (Free Call)

1800 880 176 Office of the eSafety Commissioner

000 Police

(If bullying is violent or threatening contact with police should be made immediately)

13 14 50 Translation Service

(03) 9347 6622 Australian Multicultural Foundation

1300 799 675 Fair Work Commission

1300 292 153 Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission

1800 136 089 WorkSafe Victoria

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