Meet our ALCCRF Ambassador, Davina

Hi I'm Davina, cub of Lions Club of Melbourne Next Gen. Every year, so many children suffer from sickness such as cancer. Part of their treatment causes them to lose hair, and they end up having very low self confidence. I want to help them by donating my hair and raising money for them. All monies raised will go to Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation(ALCCRF) and the hair will go to Variety Australia. It would be great if you can join me in donating your hair for this cause. If you can’t, you can sponsor me by donating money. We want to encourage as many people to participate as possible to create awareness and help as many people as we can. I think this is a worthwhile project because it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still participate. So get your friends, cousins, next door neighbours and/or co-workers to join me and donate - the more the merrier!

So... Here's HOW You can help!

Join me in donating your hair if you can!

If you'd like to donate your hair as well!

Click the below link and fill out your details below

  • * Please note hair donation must be minimum 35cm

Make a donation at our MyCause page

Help Us Raise Awareness by doing the following:

  1. Posting a photo on Facebook / Instagram with the "Scissors Hand" gesture next to your hair. *For safety reasons, we would recommend that you only use your fingers as a representation of a pair of scissors.

  2. Make sure that you use our hashtag


Some of my friends who are donating their hair to support as well!


I wanted to donate my hair because my friend

Davina wanted to donate her hair, at first I didn’t want to but after I kept on watching Videos about why we donate our hair I feel ok now.

What makes me happy about donating my hair, is that I can help the kids with cancer and make them feel happy and loved.


Two years ago, Nat cut her long hair and donated it to Variety Australia to be made into beautiful wigs for cancer-stricken kids who lost their hair due to treatments.


Stacey decided to join in this cause because she would love to help other kids in need. And also because her hair is so long!

Also thanks to our District Lions for their support!

1st Vice District Governor Harry Brindley

Our 1st VDG Harry will be cutting his beards to support Davina in raising funds for ALCCRF as well!

If you'd also like to make a difference to our NEXT GENERATIONS! We would love to connect with you!

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