It all started with a small idea.

A few years ago on a sunny afternoon in the Yarra Glen area whilst having a relaxing afternoon with friends, Lawrence and Sam were having chat about how we can do more for the community, and more importantly, how we might teach our kids the importance of serving the community.

Being Lions for around a decade now, they have came across a lot of young parents who share the same vision as they do, i.e. to raise the next generation of leaders who are passionate and willing to serve and become leaders of the community.

However, they also understand that the only big challenge that’s holding people back is - TIME.

So they asked themselves this question, “if time was the only issue, what happens if we have a way to immerse service activities into the regular leisure activities that we’ll do with friends on weekends anyway. Something extra to provide the experiences and educational value to our children while they’re having fun and in a safe environment? Wouldn’t that be the most ideal situation?”

As they continue exploring the idea and sharing with people, they knew that it is not just an idea. They knew that this small idea will be disruptive, in a good way, and will inspire more of these young parents to do more for the community without spending a lot of extra time.

Hence, the new club was born, and this, is only the beginning.



To become a global leader in promoting, encouraging and engaging in the service to our community through the development of leaders independent of race, gender, religion, or age groups.


To create a harmonious world through fun and experiential activities that focus on uniting, educating, nurturing and developing leaders to serve the community.

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